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Staying Clean After Rehabilitation

Getting Back To Normal After Being An Addict

It is more difficult remaining abstinent for long even after doing a great work to reach the level of abstinence. Engaging in routine activities and committing to goals are few of the good distractions in order to stay clean from day to day.

In a controlled and supervised rehab centre, it is relatively easier to stay clean and get well.

Provision of opportunities of restoration and survival and a strong background of safety are provided by rehabilitation that keeps one going while at home.

Getting back to your life can be exhilarating after spending considerable time in rehab, but expect new challenges to come your way as you try to stay clean.

It is possible for you to attain prevention and coping with the initiators by getting to know them well. This way you can stay clean.

Managing And Staying Away From Temptations After Rehabilitation

Transitioning from rehab back to normal daily life can be challenging.

Time and again you may encounter situations where your commitment to sobriety is being tested.

Matters like returning to the old neighbourhood, meeting family members or friends, along with certain emotions can trigger the temptations to revert back to using drugs or alcohol.

However, there are activities that can divert your attention from the drugs such as:

  • Establish Positive Relationships and Support System
  • Those that have been able to maintain abstinence for a long time and also want you to do the same, are individuals you should be socialising with.
  • You can also join the groups in your locality.
  • Modify Your Environment
  • Tell your family or friends to help relocate stuffs that can serve as initiators to relapse.
  • Manage to stay away or redesign rooms or places to avoid rekindling old feelings that may trigger your substance abuse.
  • Set Objectives For Your Future
  • You will find yourself better equipped to handle temptations after you have defined what you want to achieve in future.
  • It provides you with the focus to hold on to when times get rough and makes it easier for you to keep on track.
  • Don't Miss Group Or Personal Therapy Sessions
  • Attendance of clinic visitation with your physician or at the place where you received treatment is important.
  • At times, you might want to miss the appointments or handle your affairs on your own, but staying clean is easier when there are professionals giving you support.
  • Always be grateful for how far you have come in your recovery journey.
  • It can be easier to recognise the many things that we can be thankful for when we develop a strong appreciation for the life we have been given.
  • Five circumstances that bring joy and satisfaction should be documented every passing day.
  • Replace Bad Habits With New Better Ones
  • To develop new habits so that you start doing them automatically takes more than 60 days, and therefore you should make efforts to stick with new positive changes you introduce into your life.

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Partake In Sober Activities Instead Of Using

Forming positive habits and participating in healthy activities to pass time are highly recommended forms of distraction.

Clean activities can be a lot of fun too and you don't need drugs to enjoy a good time.

You can get in touch with us on 0800 246 1509 if you require more help on stopping the use of alcohol or overcoming it after leaving the rehab.

The change from rehabilitation centre to home can be made harmless by doing the following:

  • Physical fitness activities
  • Mind reflections
  • Sports
  • Reading
  • Developing a hobby on crafts or art
  • Educate yourself
  • Studying a new language
  • Cultivation
  • Volunteering for community work

Join Social Groups For A Support Feeling

In your post rehabilitation days, social groups that help to develop you can be found irrespective of your location. Become part of such a group by enrolling into a support group and group therapy.

Participation in numerous types of continuing care, which include therapy, check-ups, 12-step meetings and alternative support groups is also recommended.

The Possibility Of Going Out Without Relapsing

Those that are freshly out of rehab should totally run from enticing atmosphere because they do not have strong resolutions like those that have achieved abstinence for quite sometimes. Replacing old habits can take time and that's why people who have just achieved sobriety find it much harder to resist temptation.

However, there can be situations when some type of alcohol use will become inevitable [like for example a family holiday party] and they are certain steps which you can take that can ease the situation for you.

Avoiding Triggers in Social Functions

  • Keeping a company that is sober is one of the best way to overcome this.
  • Always go there with a drink devoid of alcohol to keep you busy.
  • Arrive after schedule and depart before its end, to reduce time spent at the gathering.
  • The moment you feel your resolve is getting a little weaker, get out of the party immediately.

The Advantages To Be Derived From Getting And Staying Clean

You can reap a number of his benefits if you decide to stay sober and these can include the improved functionality of your liver and heart along with enhanced performance in your everyday life and their activities and better sleep. However, more than your health are other important things that contribute to your well-being as a person. The reasons to remain sober include:

  • Make new, clean friends
  • Frugal spending
  • A clear and positive outlook
  • Always having a high life esteem
  • Look and feel healthy
  • Becoming an example and a source of anticipation for others who could be struggling with an addiction

Giving up an addiction, whether of alcohol or any other drug, is the most difficult thing. Don't expect a bump-free ride to recovery; you will have to work hard continuously. The will to be sober will help you in the recovery process in the long run even when it is a challenging process.

Rome wasn't built in a day. You also need to have an objective as to why you are withdrawing from alcohol and follow it to the end.